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Artistic production value of shows
Company management
Accessibility to basics
Groceries, drug store, restaurants
Surrounding nightlife activity
Quality of theater building
Overall experience

This theater provides...

  • Car? No
  • Single-room occupancy? No
  • Shared kitchen? No
  • Shared bathroom? No
  • Laundry? No
  • Gym membership? No
  • Meals? No


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  • I really enjoyed my time at TheatreZone. The company itself is housed in a school so all rehearsals are in the evening after school lets out. The space itself isn't bad, but the dressing rooms are quite small and there is virtually no green room. I have nothing but positive things to say about the Artistic Director and his wife who is the resident choreographer - but I will say that he casts his wife in a large chunk of the shows, usually in roles that she's not quite right for. The rehearsal process is quick (typically 9 days) but organized. The run of the show is also short (two weekends, thurs-sun). About a three week contract total. Naples, Florida is a bit of a bummer. Home to lots of retired, rich people so many places close early. The downtown area is cute (and expensive) and there is a beach to enjoy. The housing is WONDERFUL. Many of the theatre donors are snowbirds, so they let the theatre use their condos/houses/borderline mansions for the cast. Needless to say, you have your own room. Possible personal bathroom. Not sure about cars as I had my own. No gym membership. The company brings in some big names on the occasion such as Andrea McArdle, Donna McKechnie, soap opera stars, etc. So, there's that. Overall, I had a great experience. It may be a short contract, but you can tell that they really care about their actors. I'd recommend it.