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Artistic production value of shows
Company management
Accessibility to basics
Groceries, drug store, restaurants
Surrounding nightlife activity
Quality of theater building
Overall experience

This theater provides...

  • Car? Yes
    Shared by 2-3 people
  • Single-room occupancy? Yes
    If co. housing full, stay nearby at Staybridge Suites
  • Shared kitchen? Yes
  • Shared bathroom? No
  • Laundry? Yes
  • Gym membership? Yes
  • Meals? No


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  • Haven't been there in a few years but I hear the new housing is a huge plus - as the "Sarjevo Towers" were something else. Good staff. Smart leadership. Solid production values. LORT B salaries - will negotiate slightly above I believe. Downtown Rochester is somewhat depressed but there are good restaurants and some fun bars and yeah the Barbeque place is terrific. And if you like music and have the time, the Eastman School is nearby and offers great and often free concerts. The theatre itself is a very nice facility and the staff friendly and helpful.
  • Last employed by this theatre in June 2012, and made roughly $700/week
    One of the worst experiences. But the production I was working in had been brought in from Cape Rep in MA and those people didn't have a clue.
  • Great place to work. Rochester has a lot to offer and the staff really works to make sure you are taken care of. They have a great artistic vision and aren't afraid to change or take risks to make the piece integral to their audiences and cast. I always feel honored to work there. New housing since I last worked there in 2007.
  • Last employed by this theatre in December 2012, and made roughly LORT B + overtime/week
    Geva provides free movies at The Little Theatre, a great perk. Geva provides a free gym membership. The gym feel is old-fashioned, but does have a indoor pool, racquet ball & basketball courts, indoor track, and a friendly old man who likes to talk about astrology. Geva provides cars currently, usually 2 or 3 people to a car, as the company housing is outside the Equity rules for "walking distance". They typically provide $25 per week to get to and from rehearsal. From the theatre there is plenty within walking distance, including Dinosaur BBQ, which rocks. From the housing, a car is necessary to do most anything, but there are many places within a 5-10 min drive: Wegman's, Starbuck's, Walgreen's, Bowling, Subway Sandwich and other fast food, gas station, staples, Target, Walmart, dollar store, etc. Not to mention there are several restaurants and bars in town, which is a ten minute drive. The current company housing, which may change again in the near future, is your standard, beige carpet, white walled, one-bedroom. No frills, but much better than the previous "Sarajevo Towers." There is one washer and one dryer for every 4 apartment units. There is a pool. For runners or walkers, there is an excellent trail along the Eerie canal, which connects to the Genesee Valley trail, which can take you all the way into the theatre. About 6 mi.