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Artistic production value of shows
Company management
Accessibility to basics
Groceries, drug store, restaurants
Surrounding nightlife activity
Quality of theater building
Overall experience

This theater provides...

  • Car? No
  • Single-room occupancy? Yes
  • Shared kitchen? Yes
  • Shared bathroom? No
  • Laundry? Yes
  • Gym membership? No
    But discount available
  • Meals? No


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  • The info in the top left corner is incorrect. The Fulton operates on a LORT contract, in both the mainstage (~700 seats) and the Studio Theatre (flexible, 100+ seats). They also use a TYA contract for the Family Series shows, that run in tandem with several MainStage musicals each season. Contracts vary from 6-9 weeks, depending on the slot in the season. (Holiday and summer musicals tend to be longer gigs.) ...and how many theaters are across the street from awesome farmers' markets?!?! You can literally get anything on a 10-minute break, and get back to rehearsal without missing a beat.
  • I loved working here. The market is amazing, and there are several great restaurants and bars within walking distance. The Opera House is gorgeous! And the crew and staff are all pretty awesome. I would go back in a heartbeat.
  • Proper grocery store not in walking distance, but there is a farmers market on the weekends.Lovely theatre and great people.
  • They take well of you well at the Fulton - theatre itself is gorgeous & intimate. Housing is usually walkable & well kept. Farmers market on the weekend right by the theatre, along with some nice restaurants and pubs in the area. Community loves the theatre & is very supportive of actors. Great place to work.
  • I remember my housing being great, and the theatre being breath-taking... what an amazing space to play in!