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Artistic production value of shows
Company management
Accessibility to basics
Groceries, drug store, restaurants
Surrounding nightlife activity
Quality of theater building
Overall experience

This theater provides...

  • Car? No
  • Single-room occupancy? No
  • Shared kitchen? No
  • Shared bathroom? No
  • Laundry? No
  • Gym membership? No
  • Meals? No


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  • This is really only appropriate for students still in school with no financial obligations. The production quality is sub-par, but allows for a good deal of self-discovery and can be a good learning experience. It's not a professional company, but can be a good time. Be prepared to serve on kitchen staff, to rehearse ungodly hours, but to be surrounded with mostly decent people. The conditions remind you why AEA exists, but for a student with no experience it's a good way to get a lot of credits very quickly.
  • Last employed by this theatre in August 1999, and made roughly $0/week
    CLOC is an incredible summer even though there's no pay. It's great for actors in college or fresh out of college. You do do 9 shows in 11 weeks, auditioning every two weeks as the summer progresses. The housing and rehearsal space is an old inn within walking distance if the beach. It's a lot of work but it is the most fun you'll ever have. Free room and board and some work duties that change week to week, but it's really not bad. This is not a place to make money, but you can build your performance resume quickly and spend a wonderful summer on Cape Cod.