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Artistic production value of shows
Company management
Accessibility to basics
Groceries, drug store, restaurants
Surrounding nightlife activity
Quality of theater building
Overall experience

This theater provides...

  • Car? Yes
  • Single-room occupancy? Yes
  • Shared kitchen? Yes
    Varies by contract
  • Shared bathroom? Yes
    Varies by contract
  • Laundry? No
  • Gym membership? Yes
  • Meals? No


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  • Update for What the theater provides... Car? Yes Single-room occupancy? Yes Shared Kitchen? Varies by contract Shared Bathroom? Varies by contract Gym membership? Yes Meals? No
  • The theatre is under new management and (in my opinion) no longer suffers from the issues described in the previous review. Tom Quaintance took over the position of Artistic director in Sept of 2011. He is working very hard to turn a family theatre into professional theatre. He is an extremely innovative director and artist. In fact he recently got in trouble for being too creative with a production at CFRT when he set JCS in modern times. However, he is also smart about running a business. CFRT is situated in a very conservative small southern town. He is trying very hard to push the boundaries and create meaningful art, but he must do so without bankrupting the theatre. Their current season reflects this, as they have a few shows which will cater to their older more conservative subscribers and a few that are being done to push this audience base out of their comfort zone. I have no doubt that each season will push a little further as long as Tom is in charge. That being said, they are a small theatre with a small budget, so pay is moderate, and costumes are rented. I was given a rental car and my own private apartment (studio with kitchenette and bathroom). They were kind and professional. It is clear that there are still members of the previous team that are still closer to the family theatre mentality, but they are in the minority, and hopefully it will continue to grow into a fully professional house. I would work there again in a heartbeat.
  • Last employed by this theatre in May 2010, and made roughly 0.00/week
    Shows here are basic. No artistry is ever presented, everything is a carbon-copied, family friendly production. Local actors are pushed aside and singers who know how to smile and/or look sad are flown in to star in half-baked performances. Don't expect too much pay either, as they tend to be as cheap as possible to their talent. CFRT is scared to do what art and theatre was intended for, which is to push boundaries and challenge an audience members perceptions of what they're seeing. Instead, they pander to their elderly matinee audiences, to make sure they're happy watching whatever uninspired, unoriginal musical they're struggling to stay awake through.